My Story

Amber Walker is an artist from Atlanta, GA– based in Brooklyn. Her artistic journey is a profound exploration deeply rooted in her African American heritage. Guided by the captivating imagery of her ancestors, she explores the narratives of the often unheard, weaving stories of resilience and unbridled joy.

Through her art, Walker celebrates the transformative power of self-expression and self-discovery. Her work serves as a conduit for transmitting stories, whether they be historical accounts, reflections on the present, or resurrections of the past. She pays homage to a lineage that extends far beyond mere names, recognizing its integral role in shaping the American identity. In doing so, she offers strength and fosters a profound sense of belonging.

A recurring theme in Walker's art is the celebration of the overlooked. Her work invites viewers to witness the interplay between different eras, unraveling the tapestry of our shared human experience. It is an invitation to engage with the profound connections that exist between past and present, ultimately revealing the beauty and complexity of our collective history.